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Hard Money
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Hard Money
Hard Money refers to privately placed loans rather than institutional loans that lenders typically will not fund. Lenders can take 90 days or more and generally have more stringent underwriting guidelines for both the type of property used as collateral and the credit worthiness of the Borrower. Hard money commercial loans are designed to be available for “Special” situations where banks and conventional lenders cannot or will not take on the risk to fund. The most compelling reasons for using hard money lending are:

  1. less time involved – need to close FAST. 
  2. less qualifying and underwriting to close your transactions.

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Loan Amount $500,000 to $20M
Loan to Value Ratio Up to 70% (improved property)
Up to 60% (unimproved)
Term 1 – 3 years
Rates 9% – 18%
Points 2% – 6%
Payment Interest only
Use of Proceeds Business and investment purposes
Collateral Real estate and other assets